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The Original Iron features innovative, market-leading technology for completely personalised hair styling, and comes with a rose gold styling case for easy storage. Achieve exceptional results that are kind on hair with CLOUD NINE.


  • 7 temperature control options suiting every hair type; from 100-200°C
  • Heat up time of 20 seconds
  • Mineral-infused ceramic plates achieve exceptional results at a lower temperature
  • Floating plate design cushions the impact on hair, minimising drag and breakage
  • Hibernation Mode automatically cools the Iron when not used for 30 minutes
  • Swivel cord for easy usage
  • Universal voltage, identification chip and a 12 month warranty for peace of mind

Offering the ultimate experience in heat-styling, the CLOUD NINE The Original Iron is guaranteed to deliver sleek, luxurious and long-lasting results. The Original Iron features 7 temperature controls from 100-200°C, allowing all hair types the opportunity to smooth, curl, wave or straighten at lower temperatures. Its mineral-infused ceramic plates are designed to lock in moisture, seal the cuticle and minimise damage to the hair's natural structure. With a heat up time of 20 seconds, a patented MiCOM technology adjusts the temperature according to thermal sensor calculations, ensuring an even and smooth distribution of heat across the ceramic surface. These plates feature a floating design that cushions the impact on each section of the hair, minimising drag, pinches and breakage. This hair iron features a Hibernation Mode that automatically cools the straightener when not used for 30 minutes. A swivel cord and protective heat guard add extra comfort and usability to the iron, while universal voltage, an identification chip and a 12 month warranty offer peace of mind. Based on CLOUD NINE'S ethos of kinder styling, the Original Iron has revolutionised the heat-styling world, offering limitless styling flexibility with a glossy, healthy finish.


  1. Remove the iron from its heat resistant guard.
  2. Plug into the mains and turn on using the power switch.
  3. A light will glow and remain green on the middle setting on the temperature control panel, lower lights on the temperature panel will flash then remain green once the selected temperature is reached.
  4. To select a different temperature, press the temperature switch up or down.
  5. Indicator lights will flash green and then glow steadily when the desired temperature is reached. Do not use until the indicator light has stopped flashing, allow the iron to heat or cool as needed. The maximum temperature can be reached within 20 seconds.
  6. When the iron has reached the desired temperature, begin styling. Only use the iron on clean, dry hair.
  7. When you have finished styling turn off the iron using the power switch and unplug from the mains power supply.
  8. After use place the iron into its heat resistant guard and store in a safe place.
  9. Never wrap the cord around the iron.
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